A family-run business for the last hundred years, Wilhelm Trucking Company began as a small transfer company in 1910, when it was founded by 21-year-old Rudie Wilhelm.

Initially, most of the motor-power of the company came from a pair of horses, Harry and Fred, who pulled what were known as transfer wagons.  As the rest of the world evolved, so did the business, and by the 1960’s the company had become more specialized in Trucking and Warehousing.  Over the years, as the trucking side of Rudie Wilhelm Warehouse Company continued to grow it eventually became a separated entity, known as Wilhelm Trucking and Rigging Company.  Under the guidance of Robert Wilhelm Jr., Wilhelm Trucking continues to operate on the same forward-looking principles that have carried it from horse-and-wagon era through to today.

The company also owes much of its success to a steadfast commitment to integrity, teamwork, and safety, which have been the premier ideals and guiding vision at Wilhelm since inception.  Our hauling capabilities and trucking business will continue to grow and adapt to the needs of the customer, but the commitment to these ideals will remain as strong through the next century as they have for the last.